Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal

Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal

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Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal

At Prity, we understand that not everyone wants to remove their tattoos through traditional means like lasers, excision or plastic surgery, which can be costly and unpleasant. Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal is a safe, simple and natural method suitable for all skin types, working its magic on permanent tattoos, both old and new. The skin will gradually lighten until left clear, ensuring you’ll forget that tattoo was ever there.

Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal

The treatment involves inserting the saline solution into the skin, which punctures the top layer of skin and opens up the area. A salt paste is applied to the skin, pulling the inks and pigments to the surface and cleansing the area. The skin then scabs, heals and the tattoo becomes lighter as the colours fade away over time. This treatment usually requires at least 3 sessions, but at each session you’re guaranteed a relaxing and welcoming environment that you won’t be able to wait until the next one.


Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal

Remove your tattoo in a simple, safe and effective way.

Price: From £100


Currently, there are several methods for tattoo removal available on the market:


Uses a specialist brush to sand away the ink-stained skin. Though effective, it can be painful and cause scarring.


Removes the tattoo using a scalpel and then the skin is stitched back together. However, this procedure is costly.


Breaks down the tattoo’s pigments, which too can be costly and painful.

Salt and Saline removal is different, using a needle and the science of osmosis to quite literally pull the pigments to the skin’s surface. The skin then scabs, heals and the tattoo becomes lighter and lighter as the pigments and inks fade away. Lightening of the treated area usually begins after the 2nd or 3rd session, but it could take many sessions to completely remove the tattoo. There is no such thing as a quick fix!

Salt & Saline removal doesn’t differentiate between pigment or ink and has been proven to reduce and remove the majority of tattoos.

For the removal of ill-placed eyebrows, we’d lighten the area enough so that we could draw on a new template. However, where black ink or another dark pigment has been used, this process can’t guarantee complete removal. Prices start from £60 per session for eyebrows.

For other areas the price would be assessed accordingly at your consultation. Salt and Saline removal is only recommended for small areas. We’d suggest lasers for larger body tattoos.

Salt/Saline Treatment Process

The first step of the salt/saline treatment is similar to the process of traditional tattooing: a technician will use a device similar to an ink-gun to tattoo the salt/saline solution into the treatment area. This punctures the top layer of skin, opening the area. Then, a salt paste is applied to the skin, which draws the tattoo pigment to the skin’s surface and gently exfoliates it away. Clients should expect three to four procedures before they see desired results. With this method of tattoo removal, clients can expect the tattoo to become lighter, but a full removal should not be expected.  The skin can be re-tattooed after the treatment area heals.


What can the client expect during and after treatments?

During treatment, the client should expect some minor bleeding and some bruising. The treated area will also be tender for a few days. The skin should scab over and heal over the course of a few weeks. Fading will happen gradually over several months.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

The tattoo will become lighter and may possibly fade completely over time. This removal technique is safe for all skin types. The salt/saline tattoo removal is safer and has fewer risks of hypo/hyperpigmentation, blistering, and scarring than laser removal treatments. The skin may be re-tattooed once the area has sufficiently healed.

Who are the best candidates?

Individuals who are patient and willing to follow aftercare instructions are ideal candidates. Clients on blood-thinning medications or who expect immediate results are not ideal candidates for this treatment.

What final results can the client expect?

Clients should be realistic in their expectations. They should expect a lightening of the tattoo, not full removal. Clients should expect three to four procedures before they see the desired results.


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