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Nano Eyebrows

Want stunning eyebrows but unsure about whether microblading is right for you? Then we reckon you should try Nano eyebrows – the hot new treatment that gives clients natural-looking eyebrows that last up to 12 months. Using tiny micro needles that only reach the upper dermis, precise pigment-based hair strokes are applied to the skin for optimum effect.


The needle device used is the size of a hair strand and therefore, very flexible in terms of delivering life-like eyebrows. Pigments are placed just beneath the skin’s surface and the machine aids hair stroke precision leaving little room for error. Due to its position, there is less trauma to the skin, but we’ll apply topical numbing cream to reduce any discomfort. You’ll be left with eyebrows that compliment your eyes and face, giving you a new look to love.


Nano Eyebrows

We give you eyebrows that are as realistic as they are stylish.

Price: £350, Touch up Price after 4 to 6 weeks: £85

Follow up session

Follow up session 6 to 12 months

Price: From: £185 to £260, Touch up £85, after 2 years full price will be applied.

What's the process?

After a patch test (at least 24 hours beforehand) to ensure you aren’t allergic to the pigment, you’ll have a consultation to discuss the perfect eyebrow shape and colour for you. After that, your chosen shape is drawn on top of your brows so you can check it, before the treatment starts.

You’ll need two sessions, the second about four to eight weeks after the first, to achieve the finished look, but you’ll still be able to leave the first appointment with beautifully shaped brows that don’t look half-done.

What is Nano Blading?

Nano blading is a new brow treatment that uses micro needles that can actually mimic the diameter and dimension of a real hair in the skin. It is a form of cosmetic tattooing but it’s not as deep as a conventional tattoo, as you are only going through the top layer of the skin into the upper dermis.

How long does it take?

On average, your first appointment is likely to take at least two hours, with the follow-up taking slightly less time (about an hour) as it will focus more on tweaking your chosen style.

How long does Nano blading last?

As a result of the gap between the two sessions – to allow your brows to fully heal – you should have your perfect brows within eight weeks, but while the initial process is a lot longer than traditional waxing or tweezing the upkeep is much more minimum.

Your Nano bladed brows will require a  maintenance appointment anywhere between 6 months to 12 months for a follow-up session.

What Is Nano Needling and Microblading?

Nano needling and microblading are techniques that deposit pigments beneath the surface of the skin to create the illusion of single hairs or powdered look or mix look of hair strokes and powdered look.

What Is the Difference Between “Nano Needling” And “Microblading”?

The main difference between the two procedures is that Nano needling uses a micro needle to deposit the pigments beneath the skin’s surface, whereas, microblading uses a fine blade to create hair illusions.

Are Both Procedures Pain Free?

During both procedures topical numbing is continuously applied to ensure minimum discomfort.

Are Different Colours Used?

Regardless of treatment, pigments are custom-tinted to enhance your natural features, taking your age, hair colour and facial features into account.

NOTE: all procedures include a consultation and design.


  • Both methods give the illusion of hair.
  • Both methods use pigment(s) rather than ink.
  • Nano needling and microblading allow us to create the perfect brows for you, taking your desired shape, colour, thickness, and arch into consideration.
  • Both treatments allow us to custom create the colour that compliments your facial features.
  • Both methods allow the pigment to fade slowly over a period of time.
  • Once these treatments are complete, the implanted strokes appear fine and natural.
  • There is no doubt that, currently, the fashion is for extremely life-like brows which both Nano needing and microblading offer.

We’ll help you choose the right procedure for you at your consultation.


The Procedure

Microblading is a manual procedure, requiring pressure to implant the pigments. It is possible these will be implanted too deep, or if the pressure applied is not great enough, the hair strokes will fail to hold and require additional treatments to achieve the finished look.

Nano needling, however, uses an advanced machine allowing the pigments to be deposited more evenly into the skin.


Microblading requires touch ups approximately every 5 to 9 months, whereas Nano needling will require a colour boost after 8 to 12 months.

We will discuss ways to prolong pigment life at your treatment. 


Microblading is a less expensive way to create the brows you’ve always dreamed of. However, Nano needling does last longer and creates more natural looking brows.

Please discuss any further questions or concerns with your artist during your consultation.


Aftercare Advise

In the first seven days after getting your brows Nano, you should limit working out (as sweating, swimming and saunas and steam rooms can have a negative effect on your new brows) and avoid using soap, creams or make-up around your brow area too.

This includes SPF, although it’s important to protect your brows from the sun after that.

You also shouldn’t get your brows wet within the first week – if you do, dab dry and reapply the aftercare balm you’ll be given. This balm helps your brows to heal (stopping some of the flaking you might experience) and limits fading.

It’s also unlikely to make your skin scab – which can happen with other healing creams, like petroleum jelly.

Finally, sun exposure, light and laser treatment, facial massage and peels are all not recommended until after your second appointment, to avoid negative reactions such as an increased risk of skin pigmentation and burns.

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