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Frequently Asked Questions


What is nano needling and microblading?

Nano needling and microblading are both meticulous techniques whereby pigment is deposited beneath the surface of the skin to create the illusion of a single hair.

What is the difference between “nano needling” and  “microblading”?

The main difference between the two procedures is that nano needling uses a tiny needle with the aid of a vibrating machine to deposit pigment beneath the surface of the skin, whereas, microblading uses a fine blade to create Hair Illusions.

Are both procedure painfree?

During these procedures topical numbing is initially and continuously applied throughout the entire procedure to ensure  minimum discomfort for our clients.

Are there different colours used?

Whether it be nano needling or microblading pigments are custom tinted to enhance your natural features.  Of course, always taking into consideration age, hair colour, as well as facial features, etc.


NOTE:  all procedures include consultation and design



Both methods give the client “Hair Illusions”.


Both methods use pigment(s) rather than ink.

Nano needling and microblading allow us to create the perfect brow taking into consideration desired shape, colour, thickness, and arch to create the perfect brow for YOU.

Both treatments allow us to custom create the colour that compliments your facial features.

Both methods allow the pigment to fade slowly over a period of time. 


Once treatments are complete, the implanted strokes appear fine and realistic in both procedures.

Nano needling strokes do over time have a greater rate of remaining crisp and clear.


There is no doubt that, currently, the fashion is for extremely life-like brows which both nano needing and microblading offer.  

Choosing the correct procedure maybe discussed during your consultation.  



Microblading is a manual procedure depending on the pressure used, the pigment can be implanted too deep.

If the pressure applied is not great enough, the hair strokes will fail to hold and require the possibility of up to three treatments to get the finished result.

Nano needling treatments are performed by a machine thus allowing pigment to be deposited more evenly into the skin.

Thus, reducing the need for additional treatment.

The nano needling technique is a much cleaner process than microblading.

As microblading is a manual treatment may require more regular touch ups, maybe every 9 months

Procedures using nano needling last longer and should only require a colour boost after 12 months

(Be sure to discuss with your artist ways to prolong pigment life for both procedures)



Microblading is a less expensive way to create the brows you’ve dreamed of.


Over time nano needling results exceed those offered by microblading.
Please discuss any questions or concerns further with your artist during your consultation.

Please email directly for more information or to book your NO obligation consultation.

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