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Strict No Children Policy

We wholeheartedly apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers. We assure you that we fully understand your concerns and sympathise with your point of view. However we have taken much time before considering to implement this policy in order to enhance our overall customer experience for anyone visiting Prity’s.

We have a two main reasons for having a strict no children policy and both of them are a result of reoccurring incidents.

Firstly and most importantly, there is the issue of Health and Safety. We understand that although your children may be well behaved, other children unfortunately are not. Therefore we cannot discriminate from parent to parent with regards to whose children we allow on to the premises. There have been numerous incidents in the past where the parent or guardian is on the chair or undergoing a treatment while their child/children have been running about causing a distraction to the staff members but more importantly being a hazard to themselves. If the parent is on the chair or undergoing a treatment, and therefore not being in a position to directly supervise their children, then this is already being negligent towards their children. We had a serious incident before the implementation of this policy, in which our insurers instructed us to put such a measure in place, where a small boy was running around the salon at a busy time and ended up injuring himself by running into one of glass shelves. While the boy was running around, his mother had been negligent in her responsibility to supervising him, yet when he hurt himself she turned and pointed her blame at the salon and demanded the glass shelves be removed along with anything with sharp corners. Prity’s is a beauty salon – it has a very specific clientele that it caters to and unfortunately that does not include children. Therefore, our premises, are also designed to cater for the needs of our clientele, the beauty services we provide and under no circumstances have we ever deemed or portrayed it to be a place that is child friendly.

Secondly, coming back to providing the best possible experience for our clients, upon which our success over the last 10 years is based, some children inevitably cry, scream, or are loud when they become bored, waiting for their parent or guardian. This is extremely distressing to a client who has come to the salon and paid a premium with a view to receive a relaxing spa treatment or facial. Not to mention that our appointment schedule also starts lagging due to the extra time that is taken when a parent/ guardian has to keep stopping the therapist from their pace of work in order to verbally discipline/ keep an eye on their child. The extra time builds up to the point where a 15 minute service takes 20 minutes and when this builds up, other client’s pre booked appointments are significantly delayed, rendering them dissatisfied with the service provided to them. We have had numerous and varying complaints from customers over a number of years, however it wasn’t until the health and safety incident due to the negligence of the mother of the boy who injured himself that we were adamant on implementing this policy.

As previously mentioned, we fully understand that your children may well never behave in such a manner but I’m sure you’ll understand that we cannot discriminate in a way that allow some parents to bring their children in while not allowing others to do so.

Again, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this policy has caused you.

Thank you for your co operation.

Consent Forms

I.D must be provided for all facial, waxing, tinting, hair colour treatments. This is in order to confirm the identity & age of clients undergoing treatments at the salon in order to prevent any grievances. If you cannot provide I.D we cannot go ahead with any treatments.

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